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So who’s up for a President Lindsey Graham?

Oh, yes my friends, yes….

Even though John McCain seems to have given up any hope of being POTUS someday, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t have his like-minded partner in crime as president.

I give you this:

Sen. John McCain is prodding one of his closest allies in the Senate to consider a run for the White House – Sen. Lindsey Graham.

“I think he is looking at it, and I am strongly encouraging him to take a look at it,” McCain, R-Ariz., told ABC News. “I know of no one who is better versed and more important on national security policy and defense than Lindsey Graham, and I don’t think these challenges to our security are going away.”

“He is eminently qualified,” McCain added.

McCain also adds he will most likely be running to get re-elected to the Senate.  Here’s hoping Arizonans will be able to show him the door in the primary.

Men, would you like to see what childbirth feels like?

While many men support their wives and girlfriends to the greatest extent they can during pregnancy and childbirth, the fact is that they can’t fully understand the entire experience women go through, especially during labor and delivery.

But now a hospital in China is giving men a chance to at least get a small taste of what it’s like.

Aima Hospital in China’s eastern Shandong Province, has devised an  innovative system that is supposed recreate the pain that a women experiences during childbirth, by administering electric shocks through pads attached to the men’s stomachs.

The voltage is then cranked up from one to ten and usually results in the men writhing around in agony and begging for the pain to stop.

According to staff at the hospital, the idea came about after a number of female patients complained that they were not getting enough sympathy from their partners.

So, instead of trying to explain how hard carrying and giving birth to a child was, they decided to show them.

The hospital began by offering short taster sessions to couples, but these have proved so popular that groups are now run every other week at the hospital.

I’m not so sure how the hospital knows the pain of the electric shocks feels similar for men as the pain of labor for women. Have they had a woman who’s experienced labor and delivery undergo the shocks and verify it felt the same or at least close? After going through labor twice, the second time with no pain relief at all, I don’t know if electric shocks on the skin would quite be the same. But to be honest, I’m not willing to give the shocks a try in order to compare. ;-)

There’s an accompanying video of guys giving it a try a the link.

I’ve never met a “Delbert” in my entire life.

I’ve been a conservative for most of my life, for as long as I can remember anyway. I’ve known lots of Republicans and and Democrats, but I’ve never met a man (or woman for that matter) named “Delbert” in my entire life. Nevertheless, little reports such as these are a fun five minute political tangent:

The creator of the baby names app “Nametrix” has revealed what Republicans and Democrats tend to name their little bundles of joy.

The most Democrat female names are Natasha, Maya, Miranda, Jasmine and Caitlin. More common names that skew very Democratic are Sarah, Judith and Ellen.

On the Republican side, Brittney and Bailey are the most favored by Republicans. More popular names that are given much more often to Republican baby girlsare Terry, Tammy and Becky.

As for male names, Delbert, Duane and Dalton are the most Republican, but more common names favored by right-leaners are Donald, James, Thomas and William.

Classic names like Robert, John, George, Paul, Daniel, David and Michael are also slightly more popular among the GOP.

Jonah, Malik and Dylan are the most Democrat boy names. More common names favored more by Dems are Jonathan, Andrew, Alan, Samuel, Eric and Peter.

There’s a link at the source if you’d like to see the complete list of Democrat and Republican names.

Why does this keep happening?

Question: “How long has the federal government been spending taxpayer money?”

Answer: “For as long as many of us can remember.”

And as stewards of our money, the government should at a least try to make a good faith effort to spend our hard-earned dollars wisely with part of that wisdom being contained in a tracking of their spending for accountability.

So why, oh why, do we continue to see reports of how various government entities didn’t accurately track, or didn’t even track at all, spending on the taxpayers’ behalf? Two stories ON THE SAME DAY in the Washington Times:

First story:

Washington has spent more than $7.5 billion to battle the drug trade in Afghanistan over the past decade, but the State Department has failed to create a system for tracking whether the government’s efforts have had any impact, the department’s internal watchdog said Friday.

“As a result, INL cannot determine whether its Afghan [counternarcotics] initiatives are successful or should be revised, reduced, or canceled,” the audit states. “

$7.5 Billion spent and we don’t know if it’s made a difference at all.  Money spent wisely? WHO KNOWS?


Second story:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has not tracked costs and performance data for its long-term recovery offices across the country, calling over $66 billion in obligated disaster funds into question.

Without tracking costs or data, FEMA cannot determine if its offices are cost-effective, said a report from the Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog. (emphasis mine)

“Without these controls in place, FEMA is at risk for mismanagement of federal disaster funds and cannot ensure consistency in establishing and managing these office,” John Kelly, assistant inspector general of the Office of Emergency Management Oversight, wrote in the report.

Investigators stressed the importance of implementing new tracking policies as federal spending for Hurricane Sandy continues to rise. The cost of recovery for Sandy will likely surpass all disasters except Hurricane Katrina, investigators estimated.

Again we have more irresponsible spending. This time they didn’t even attempt to track where the money was going.  It’s absolutely shameful.  We are not talking about a new government organization here.  FEMA has been around since 1979 and is no stranger to spending taxpayer money.  The Hurricane Sandy disaster just happened a couple of years ago.  How could the agency NOT have a tracking system in place? We are talking about $66 Billion dollars here.

With continual mismanagement of taxpayer money, you start to wonder if there isn’t some intentional incompetence at some level. After all, NO ONE seems to be held accountable when things like this happen and usually the offending office comes back begging for more money claiming it would help them do their job better.

Here’s an idea, how about BEFORE the first government check is cut, we verify there is a tracking system already in place to account for every dollar spent?

I think hippies smell, and apparently it isn’t just my imagination.

And apparently I can say that literally because it’s been reported that what you belief influences how you smell:

Social scientists from Brown, Harvard and Penn State recently conducted an unusual study. Seeking to examine the biological cues that influence attraction, the researchers taped gauze pads to the skin of 20 subjects, retrieved them 24 hours later, and kept them in their lab. They asked 125 volunteers to smell each sample, rate how attractive they found each odor, and to guess at the political orientation of the person with whom it originated.

The researchers found evidence that people are instinctively attracted to the smell emitted by those with similar ideologies. In one memorable instance, a female participant asked the scholars if she could take one of the samples home, describing it as “the best perfume I ever smelled.” The scent came from a man who shared her political views. Just before, a different woman with the opposite views had smelled the exact same sample, declared it “rancid,” and urged the researchers to throw it out. Ideological like-mindedness exerts a biological pull on our attraction, it seems — and deep disagreements can really stink.

These results suggest that our beliefs have a strong biological component.

For the life of me, I can’t fathom the actual biological reason for this, but in the meantime you may be able to use your nose to your advantage and let it sort out who may be an ideological friend versus foe. “Eau du Small Government,” anyone?

Investigators conclude MH17 broke up in mid-flight after being hit with objects consistent with missile fragments

Not a whole lot of surprise here. We’ve all pretty much come to the conclusion the plane crashed after being shot down and not as a result of some kind of mechanical malfunction.  All that’s been  left to do is finger point at who might have done the shooting.

According to the report, that determination can eventually be made even though both sides (Ukraine on the one hand and Russian rebels on the other) use the same weapon:

Dutch experts say Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 broke up in mid-air after being hit by “objects” that “pierced the plane at high velocity” in July.

The new report also said there was “no evidence of technical or human error”.

Correspondents say this matches claims that MH17 was hit by missile shrapnel.

Both sides in this conflict use the same weapon, reports the BBC’s transport correspondent Richard Westcott, and to find out who was responsible investigators would need to determine where the missile was launched.

One expert said they should eventually be able to work that out with a combination of radar data and evidence from the scene, our correspondent reports.

A sobering fact highlighted in this report was that three other, very large commercial airliners flew over the same area at around the same time, he adds.

The report from Dutch experts says the plane “broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-velocity objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside”.

Note that investigators have come to this conclusion after reviewing “cockpit data, air traffic control and images” as the scene itself is too dangerous for investigators to visit in person.

There’s no mention on how long it might take to determine the origination point of the missile that took MH-17 down, but the bigger question is, of course, will anyone be held accountable when the findings finally do come out?

Maybe there is something to the “artists are crazy” meme

We’re all familiar with the perception that most artists, at least the really good ones, have a bit of crazy in them.  If that’s really the case, this guy’s art must rival the masters:

A Norwegian conceptual artist has described how he boiled up his own hip bone, stripped off the flesh, and then ate it with some potato gratin and a glass of wine.

Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, 25, told Norway’s Nordlys newspaper that hospital doctors had allowed him to film the hip replacement operation he underwent aged 21, after which he had taken the bone home as an artistic souvenir.

“When I got home I sat in my living room and suddenly I had a whim that I should cook the meat,” he told the newspaper.

He said that he had first boiled the bone to loosen the small handful of flesh attached to it, and then fried the meat which came off.

“First I just had a little taster, but since it tasted good, I made it a full dinner of it,” he told the paper. “It was a very exciting and stimulating. It was so personal.”

Asked how the meat had tasted, Wengshoel replied that it had tasted like “wild sheep”.

Wengshoel made his startling claim at the opening of his graduation exhibition from the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art.

The hip bone, stripped of all its flesh, was also displayed as part of his work, which largely involved subjecting himself to extreme pain by piercing his flesh with hooks.


Two thoughts of why he might do this.

First, he truly is a “starving artist” and needed to eat.  I’d give the odds of this being the actually reason a big fat zero.

Second and more likely, this is a publicity stunt aimed at getting his name out into the art community and the general public as well as piquing curiosity about his art in hopes of selling some pieces.  Okay, mission accomplished.  I’m sure he’ll get his fifteen minutes of fame and perhaps enrich himself in the process.

But dude, you have to admit, even to come up with this idea requires more than a smidge of crazy.  And what will he do next in an effort to one-up himself?  Only the truly crazy can imagine.


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